Meet the Greasers

Hey Buds!

You found this page eh? Well good on ya! After having a peruse through the site, I bet you’re wondering “Who the fuck are these cats?”, “Why the fuck should I care?”.

Well, you’re still reading this, so thanks for giving a rip.

You will find a RenAgade everywhere. Want to go snowboarding? We're already there, best believe we've been there. Come back down and go for a skate? Make sure its your turn to drop in or ya might get dealt with. Want to go for a ride? You can't shake us, we'll be up font. We are there because you are there and if you're not, you're jealous of someone who is.

The Renagade Gnarmy was founded by Mat Newman in the dark recesses of his raging mind. Faster than a one toothed uncle can down a dirty can of PBR; Mat quickly assembled a group of extraordinary gentlemen. Just some down ass folks, that will never hesitate to draw a dick on your passed out forehead, but will set the table when visiting grandma.

You don’t have to look like a pussy to open a door for a lady while heading into Timmies, we got that covered. We take pride in doing what’s right when all you’re up to is no good. Represent.

Cheers to the ladies who made it all this way. Who knows where half these guys be without their lady. Waking up in a ditch is overrated (unless you’re in to that…I mean, I’m totally down), so we want to take care of you too. Badassed babes in badass gear! Get some!

These are the dirtbags we salute and for those who want to rock with Renagade Gnarmy, we salute you all.