Death Blocker Mask

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Don’t worry team,

We got you,

If you have to wear a covering over that heavenly smile,

It might as well be something comfortable, stylish and let’s not forget


That’s right Fam,

We dialed it in for the team with our new Death Blocker Mask with exceptional features such as:

  • Adjustable ear straps for form fitting perfection
  • Filter pack with sewn-in filter pouch
  • Stylish as all heck
  • Made silky soft so no matter who you’re being verbally berated by and for gosh knows how long, you don’t have to move your super dope mask cause you’re in there right and super safe.

It blocks Karen’s and certain Death.
Death Blocker Mask
Death Blocker Mask
Death Blocker Mask
Death Blocker Mask